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Personality Questionnaire

Daily, at lmw we meet plenty of People who are willing to chase down their career goals!


Personality Questionnaire

Daily, at lmw we meet plenty of People who are willing to chase down their career goals! The most common attribute of all is the Desire for Success, joy through Creativity and Evolution of their lives! But, through our experience we can recognize and the most common characteristic of most these People, which mislead them to the way of getting closer to their goals…

This characteristic is the lack of Professional Self-Knowledge! In simple words, most of the People did not pay attention to the attributes of their personality and how to manage them, until they can define their strong skills and which aspects they should develop more to success in their Career!

Our team of experienced people, following the trends of Technology, delivers an online and reliable “Personality’s Questionnaire” which will assist you to recognize clearly your characteristics! Based on globally known methods and guaranteed accuracy of the results, this questionnaire will lead your Personal Evolution into new paths!

The conduction of the Personality’s Questionnaire through the specially designed online platform could be autonomous completed from anyone, anywhere, in anytime and instantly receive the Personal Report!

If you really want to stand out and get tailor-made consulting on your Personal Report you have the option to appoint an lmw expert and we will adapt our expertise on your results!


Find your steps to success through yourself! Discover your who you are via the Personality Test and craft your career path based on your personal attributes and charismas! Enjoy a personalized report and boost your career evolution!

75 €


Complete the Online Personality Test and arrange a meeting with an experienced member of lmw to enjoy a “hands-on” approach on your results!

advisory plus
A session will give you professional guidance to showcase your best characteristics!
130 €

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Why I should trust the results of the Personality Tests?

We established a trusted partnership with one of the leading international providers for online pre-employment testing. We offer online the Personality test, integrated in lmw’s website. Based on the Five Factor Model (FFM), assures the proper mapping of your personality’s attributes.

What are the benefits for my job search?

The report of the Personality test is your ally for your job search. First of all, you will recognize the major attributes of your personality in order to highlight them, either on your CV or a job interview. Secondly, you will spot aspects of your characteristics that needs to be treated and cultivated for your self-development.

How I can integrate the results in my CV?

There are two ways to do it. The first one is to include the results which your score is more than 65% to the area where you describe yourself. The second way is to meet in person one of our consultants. You will enjoy a 2 hours’ coaching session based on the result of your Personality test and your tailormade CV.

How is the Personality test conduct and how do I get the results?

As soon as you complete the payment, either online via Paypal or via bank deposit* you will receive an email including the instructions for your enrollment. After completing the process, you will be directed to the test area. When you finish it, a PDF file with your personal report will be downloaded automatically in your computer.

*When paying online, the automated email will include the enrollment instructions but the access credentials will not be included. You will receive the credentials as soon as the deposit is confirmed.

Is there any type of certification after watching lmw’s workshops?

No, the workshops do not have educational content.

What are the payment methods?

Having picked the most convenient dates and registered your personal data, you can choose to finalize your registration with one of the following payment methods:

Debit/Credit Card/ PayPal

Through a secure payment environment, you can complete your transaction by paying either with your debit or credit card. This payment method is recommended as you gain access to several privileges and offers. We accept the most common types of cards (VISA, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Diners) and e-wallet “Masterpass”.

Bank deposit*.

  • Lmw gives you the option of transferring your money through e-banking. Please, state your name and the seminar you wish to attend while making your payment. To confirm your reservation, you only need to send us the receipt of your deposit at or via fax at +211 8000 838.
  • Otherwise, you can deposit the money at lmw’s bank account. To confirm your reservation, you only need to send us the receipt of your payment at or via fax at +211 8000 838.

Account number: 359002320006125
IBAN: GR5101403590359002320006125

*Fees entailed for interbank transactions are borne by the depositor.

Are the transactions safe in the ?

To ensure the maximum level of security we cooperate with Alpha Bank, which provides the transactional environment. All payments made using the card are processed through the electronic payment platform of “Alpha e-Commerce” of Alpha Bank and uses TLS 1.2 encryption protocol encryption with 128-bit (Secure Sockets Layer – SSL). Encryption is a way of coding the information until it reaches its recipient, who will be able to decode it using the appropriate key.






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