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Seat Leasing

Following the latest workforce mobility trends, lmw offers turnkey solutions for International Organizations who need a fully functional call center in Greece. In a modern offices space, ready to welcome your agents, lmw hosts 60 workstations* fully equipped and functional, οnly 7 kilometers from the center of Athens, in one of the most famous business neighborhoods, Chalandri. Each seat includes an office, an anatomic chair and a personal computer (keyboard, mouse, headset), full access to high-speed Internet and printers.

Our service is addressed to companies who want to eliminate set up fees and risks, by ensuring the smooth operation of the call center, offering 24/7 support and facility management.

The office building is located in one of the most famous highways of the city, ensuring ease of access to all means of transport and high level of prestige.


* For the current availability and lease options, contact at or at +30 211 8000 830, Mon-Fri, 09:00 -17:00 ECT.


Offer turnkey solutions to International Organizations



We host highly technological equipment and solid infrastructure to ensure the proper operation of your daily activities.



Our partners’ employees enjoy their job and deliver more quality results, contributing to the Growth.


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