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International Services

Any strategic decision to invest abroad is always a demanding and time consuming process. Lmw uses proven methodologies and provides customized services to stand by you, streamlining your corporate establishment in Greece with one source for insights, people and tools for success.


Integrated Expatriate Services in Greece

lmw becomes your strategic local liaison to support your business and accelerate your global expansion in Greece. Leveraging years of experience and expertise in the Greek market, we offer integrated business solutions, developing a compelling case that looks beyond cost savings and focuses on quality, clarity and compliance.

Our experts in international establishment services, can undertake the whole project of your relocation in Greece, including pre-arrival studies, tax and insurance compliance, induction into local banking system or even finding the ideal property.

Furthermore, whether you are a global corporation or an entrepreneurial start-up, at lmw we provide integrated expatriate services in Greece applying acclaimed practices and offering professional resources, experience and commitment to support your vision of success in any industry or business venture.

Lmw’s experts not only cooperate with your representatives in terms of assisting in your business expand, but also plan, develop and implement all necessary procedures for the smooth relocation of all your international assignees in Greece, including but not limited to visa applications and other immigration matters.

It is our strategic approach and incomparable access to information for international establishment services and expatriate services in Greece that makes lmw an irreplaceable and valuable partner for your business.



Seat Leasing

Following the latest workforce mobility trends, lmw offers turnkey solutions for International Organizations who need a fully functional call center in Greece. In a modern offices space, ready to welcome your agents, lmw hosts 60 workstations* fully equipped and functional, οnly 7 kilometers from the center of Athens, in one of the most famous business neighborhoods, Chalandri. Each […]




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