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Our Experts

Our experienced executives design custom solutions that deliver efficient results for your unique business needs and add value to your organization.


Consulting team

Our business consulting team has extensive experience in delivering customized human resources management services, achieving long-term performance improvements as well as offering innovative solutions for complex business issues. The expertise developed by “real business cases” for a broad range of clients, enables us to deliver sustainable results instantly and efficiently.

Recruiting team

Our recruiting team captures clients’ philosophy, ensures candidates’ personality traits are in line with corporate culture so they can get embodied and ultimately finds the perfect fit for each position. So far, they have successfully covered more than 1.500 vacancies with low turn-over rate. Our team promptly covers any specialized need within a short response time.

Legal team

Our legal team specializes in offering bespoke regulatory expertise in labour relations, employee crisis management, commercial contracts, and corporate establishment. They enable companies to meet compliance requirements on an ongoing basis, improve quality and efficiency and better manage exposure to risk.

Finance team

Our finance team has extensive experience on structuring, arranging and implementing tailored, competitive and resilient financing concepts, as well as proven success in handling a number of complex financial projects in various sectors. They keep up with all regulatory changes and demands in order to manage risk and ensure compliance, thus making our clients reach their full potential.

Payroll team

Our payroll team and infrastructure is geared up to facilitate the most complex payroll processing in a timely and cost effective manner. They manage payroll from end-to-end, seamlessly integrating into organizations thus providing excellent levels of service. Above all, they always ensure legal compliance with ever changing legislation.

Marketing team

Our marketing team is ambitious, innovative and non-conformist. So far, they have created robust content and visual communication programs for various industries, have designed end-to-end internal corporate communication and social media strategies and they constantly stay up to date with all digital marketing trends.



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