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Setting up in Greece: The case

The Group has a longstanding leading position in the trading and broking sector in the global marine fuel market. Operating within a wide network of offices that covers almost all time-zones, the Group strategically decided to expand into Athens, Greece.


The Challenge

The establishment of the Group’s offices in Greece was very complicated as the country was under the newly imposed capital controls and there were many constraints regarding corporate transactions. In addition, the industry in which the established company would operate, had various legislation restrictions and obligations that were perplexing the establishment.


Τhe approach

Lmw provided an “umbrella” of services covering a broad spectrum of business needs, from expatriate advice, legal support, accounting and administrative support, payroll management to recruiting services. According to the Group’s executives, all services rated amongst the very best seen elsewhere in the world, and all rendered under capital control imposed on Greece.


Τhe results

In a very short period of time, lmw completed the establishment, following the Group’s standards along with all legislation frameworks. The newly established offices were fully operating with thorough background documentation, methodical administration and effective finance management.


A broad range of expertise by a single service provider, with swift, honest and dedicated replies and solutions. Our ongoing strategic partner in Greece.

Managing Director
February 2016


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