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Offering incentives: A case study in the automotive sector

The Company has a strong presence in the automobile industry for over 30 years, investing significantly on its people and focusing on outstanding customer service. Over the last 3 years, the Company’s profitability has been greatly affected due to intense competition and market recession.


The challenge

Lmw’s contribution was necessary to identify and resolve operational issues, with the aim of improving Company’s competitiveness and enhancing its market position.


The approach

Considering the sensitivity of the industry in which the company operates as well as the tough financial period, lmw followed a personalized approach, focusing on revising targets of both sales and cash flow management. Each employee was assigned individual goals in order to be motivated to achieve their objectives while at the same time Company’s financial condition was improving.

For the successful completion of the KPI’s, lmw provided continuous support and maintained constant communication with all employees, giving clear guidance and tools to them to comprehend and apply the agreed strategies related to each business function.


The results

The implementation of lmw’s proposed business solutions, resulted to the following:

1. Direct impact on Company’s accounting results, through the revision of the targets per business function.
2. Smoother and more effective cooperation between departments to achieve Company’s objectives.
3. Stimulated employees working towards achieving the “common goal”, that of Company’s growth.


Lmw’s contribution to organization’s restructuring was crucial in order to remain solid and competitive, even during this massive market recession.

President & CEO of the transportation company
July 2015


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